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If the behavior in question is a sex offense, I have provided treatment for it, many times over. Whatever your sex offense is, I can treat it. You can see my extensive qualifications on my first page, and in my footer below. I will not repeat them here. I will say that my approach is “very cognitive”, which means it is more flexible, more spontaneous and less out of a “workbook” than formal Cognitive Therapy, but still spends time addressing and pulling apart thoughts and perceptions about self, women, men, and essentially anything in the world where a misperception can create resentments and or negative behaviors.

When these erroneous cognitions are challenged, and corrected, it eliminates the specific thoughts behaviors that create major problems. As I am a couple decades in the field expert, I will not be using rote questions, and or worksheets, such you may encounter with some other “experts”. I use my extensive knowledge and insight to move you along as quickly as possible in you getting the knowledge and insight as to what you need to do to improve your situation. This is all about making you safer from this behavior in the future and rebuilding the parts of your life you broke when you acted out.

There are amateurs in the field, and other less skilled clinicians, who disagree, but the simple fact is, those who understand substance abuse, and its treatment, use the “Disease Model” I do not conceptualize my clients who sexually offended as having a “disease”. I do recognize the fact that persons who committed a sexual offense have a disorder. They have a disorder that distorts their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, and had them reach incorrect conclusions on what a specific behavior at a specific time will result in, and that any person without that particular disorder could very easily see those conclusions are wildly incorrect, and very, very, likely to create some severe consequences that will take years, if not decades, to clean up. In addition to a disorder at work, the client who offended often has a “cycle”, that helped him or her along in moving towards the behavior. This cycle is unique to every person who offended, but it can involve feelings detached or isolated from others , resentful, controlled, depressed, or in general not in control of ones life.

The farther one goes into their cycle the less accurate the persons interpretations of others are, the less accurate the persons predictions of their behavior are, and the less accurate the persons predictions of consequences are. We will address family of origin issues, but only to what is relevant, I am not here to speak to you about your parents, except so far as anything you learned from family “bit” you later on. If you have sexually offended…. Give me a call, and we can work together to make you safer from these behaviors in the future, have you accept yourself again, and rebuild the parts of your life you broke when you acted out.


I am here to help you. Don’t hesitate to give me a call. No judgment and I make sure that everything remains private.


I work with all types of schedules to ensure you get the help you need.


During the first appointment, I will go over exactly what you are struggling with and create a lifelong plan to give you the life you deserve.

Progress you can see

You will be surprised by the progress you can make with my counseling. Years of experience and dedication to helping you is our moto.

Our Qualifications

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist Ohio University

Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor University of Louisville

Full Clinical Member (National) Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NY Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Master’s Degree, Clinical Social Work, Fordham University

Licensed Psychotherapist NY Lic # R059367-1

Licensed Psychotherapist CT Lic # 10800

Licensed Psychotherapist NJ Lic # 44SC05908100