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Fetishistic Disorder Treatment in NYC

Fetishistic Disorder Counseling

I have a history of helping people with fetishistic disorders, which can promote socially and sexually isolating behavior. Although there is nothing inherently morally wrong with a person finding an inanimate object sexually gratifying, this behavior, in practice, has left many persons life more difficult than it has to be. In the recent past, the sexual focus on such things as feet and hands was called partialism, but that interest and behavior is now considered part of a fetishistic disorder.

An intense sexual attraction to inanimate objects, or to otherwise not seen as sexual body parts, such as feet, hands and hair, can lead to clinically significant distress or social impairment, when that person’s unusual sexual interests are proven incompatible with sexual partners. Therefore, a fetishistic disorder can be seen as an issue when it sabotages the normal sexual and social interactions the person would otherwise have. Sometimes the client with fetishistic disorder is able to be creative, and work hard, to make a fulfilled life that incorporates this behavior, without ever eliminating this thinking and behavior, at other times, it seems this interest and behavior has to be eliminated, or at minimum, better managed, for that person to keep the life that they have. I have helped clients in both scenarios.

Fetishistic Disorder Treatment

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Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist Ohio University

Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor University of Louisville

Full Clinical Member (National) Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NY Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Full Clinical Member NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Master’s Degree, Clinical Social Work, Fordham University

Licensed Psychotherapist NY Lic # R059367-1

Licensed Psychotherapist CT Lic # 10800

Licensed Psychotherapist NJ Lic # 44SC05908100

Licensed Psychotherapist CA Lic # 101416

Licensed Psychotherapist Fl Lic #SW19525

Licensed Psychotherapist TX Lic #107691

Licensed Psychotherapist OH Lic #I.2203614

Licensed Psychotherapist UT Lic #12830507-3501

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