Child Pornography “Addiction” in NYC

Child Pornography “Addiction” Counseling

Child Pornography is a misnomer, one that we are so very slowly starting to correct. Child Pornography is an umbrella term for images of child sexual abuse. Some police have called these images crime scene photos. For the sake of our conversation I will use the standard term.

Persons who view and collect child pornography have a disorder, one that has them see things on the image that are not there. It is not “mental illness”, or psychosis on the part of the person “enjoying” these photos. Persons who view and collect child pornography project their own sexual feelings, onto the non-sexual children in the photos. The viewer of this material looks at these images and sees sexuality where there is none. The viewer of this material looks at these images and sees a content or bored child, when there is actually a terrified and victimized child.

Child Pornography “Addiction”

I have helped persons who viewed and/or collected this material dramatically change the distorted thinking that helped them act this way, as well as help them reliably discontinue this behavior. I have had countless clients come to me for help with this, both self referred clients because they wanted to avoid creating legal consequences for themselves, and clients who came to me because they’re already suffering from those consequences.

With smartphones we now have a computer with high speed internet in our pocket, and persons with this disorder need every advantage if they are going to beat it. I help clients both understand how powerful this disorder is, how they need to give it a tremendous amount of respect, and how they can use their intellect and insights to protect themselves from a disorder that clearly wants to put them in prison.

The Child Pornography Mindset

The viewer of this material looks at these images and sees his own sexual feelings, putting them onto a child who is in reality experiencing some very distressing negative feelings. The viewer of this material has no idea he is doing any of his projection. This projection of his own sexuality onto these in pain or in distress children has “the collector” become very confused as to the reality of how this material is produced, what he is watching, what the victims experience, and the child’s likely fate in the hands of the criminals making this material. The “collector” of this material has a disorder that also has him wildly off as to the the legal safety of his viewing, and or collecting, these images and videos. Those of us without a disorder, we can easily estimate that there is a likelihood of some law enforcement being made aware of this material moving about the internet, by any number of tech companies, or internet service providers.

If we accidentally came into possession of some of this media, material that could give us ten years in federal prison per image, we would have major anxiety, and would rush to permanently rid ourselves of this dangerous material.

The collector of these images has no such anxiety. His disorder tells him he is legally safe, when he is actually in terrible and sometimes imminent legal jeopardy. This gross distorting of what is actually in these images, as well as his severe distorting on his legal safety viewing these, leaves the child porn collector in a position to not only continue to re-victimize these children by his viewing these abuse images, but also set himself up for a serious term of incarceration and several decades if not a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry. Depending on the state, and specific behaviors of the person engaging in this crime, it is sometimes charged under under “Promoting Sexual Performance of a Child” , “Possessing a Sexual Performance by a Child”, “Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Child” , “Possessing an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child” or similar worded charges in various states.


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