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Do you need sex addiction counseling? The answer might surprise you.

Consequences alone never end these behaviors, professional treatment with a highly qualified specialist in these issues does.

Progression is part of all disorders, and without treatment, and without exception, untreated sexial misbehavior gets worse.

You’re considering therapy, you may be thinking about the possible drawbacks. Cost might be a concern for you. You might also be aware that therapy is often difficult. Trauma or other painful events from the past can be frightening to remember, much less discuss with someone else. Even if you aren’t dealing with trauma, working through challenges isn’t easy, and therapy isn’t a quick fix. Therapy also requires honesty, with yourself and with the therapist you work with.

Therapy is the key to success.

People who feel forced into therapy may feel resistant and find it harder to put in the work needed to make change. We never want to feel that you are forced and are here to help.