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About James J. Foley LCSW


I am an absolute sex addiction treatment expert, as seen in Rolling Stone Magazine, and use my decades of experience in this issue to have my clients improve faster and more reliably.

I work with my clients to create lasting change, faster improvements towards self management, improved mood, and a reduced probabilities of a return to this behavior.

I have helped thousands of men learn to protect the life they have from these self destructive choices. I help my clients see how, why, and when they engaged in the self deception, that then turned into misbehaviors, that is behaviors that had them risk a life that they actually love, for actions that are not at all worth the risk that these men took.

My specialty is I see high functioning men for treatment of the distorted thinking that has otherwise bright rational persons act out destructive/ self destructive sexual choices. These behaviors include such things as Infidelity / Cheating, “Seeking Arrangements” aka Sugar Daddy Behavior, “Happy Endings” type massage, overuse of Strip Clubs, use of sexual Apps, breaking of personal/ professional boundaries with sexual actions, deviant sexual behaviors both legal and illegal. In general, my expertise is to help persons learn how to not act out sexual choices that create real world consequences for them.

CEO’s, bankers, elected officials, stars and players in the worlds of film and music see me as know that I know the sexual misbehavior issue. They also know that I am an exceptionally insightful clinician, and that I can manage the unique clinical needs of the famous and or hyper successful. High functioning and high achieving men appreciate that I get right to work on specifically why they are here to see me.

One of the outcomes I create, and is often not even thought of by the clients before they call me, is that I not only help create an end to these misbehaviors , but I leave the client in an intellectual and emotional place where the client does not miss these behaviors. Leaving a client feeling happy, and harmonious in their life, without any “need” felt for this misbehavior, is a treatment outcome I work hard to create. My clients share with me they greatly value this change.

James Foley

My Certifications & Qualifications

  • Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist Ohio University
  • Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor University of Louisville
  • Full Clinical Member (National) Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Full Clinical Member NY Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Full Clinical Member NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Master’s Degree, Clinical Social Work, Fordham University
  • Licensed Psychotherapist NY Lic # R059367-1
  • Licensed Psychotherapist CT Lic # 10800
  • Licensed Psychotherapist NJ Lic # 44SC05908100
  • Licensed Psychotherapist CA Lic # 101416
  • Licensed Psychotherapist Fl Lic #SW19525
  • Licensed Psychotherapist TX Lic #107691
  • Licensed Psychotherapist OH Lic #I.2203614
  • Licensed Psychotherapist UT Lic #12830507-3501

James J. FoleyOne of the goals with treatment with me is to have the client more “present” in their actual, legitimate, real life. These misbehaviors are often, in part, a form of escapism and avoidance, and helping a client, maybe for the first time, get really “plugged in” to their actual life on a higher level, not only reduces the probabilities of a return to the sexual misbehavior, it leaves the client, and their family, more integrated as a real team.

Part of my work on these issues is helping clients see what feelings, actions, inactions, life stage, relationship skills they are avoiding by choosing the sexual misbehavior. We work to correct whatever emotional, relationship, self development shortcoming needs building and or fixing, to again, have the client not act out, and also have the client integrated and fully emotionally functioning in the legitimate life they have in front of them.

I work alone, no clerical or support staff, no therapists who work for me, no therapists in training, so that my high functioning, sometimes high profile clients, feel completely confident that nobody, other than they and I, have any idea they are seeing me.

The feedback I get from my high functioning clients is they say other therapists seen before me made my clients feel frustrated that the insights, and pace of work, with these other therapists, did not match the high functioning men’s motivation level, and intellectual ability.

I am often the clinician called in when another “expert” in sexual behaviors tries and fails to properly correct a clients misbehavior and distorted thinking, and the client wants the issue resolved once and for all by an expert. I am not ever dancing and or pointing at phrases in Instagram videos to get clients. I am an actual expert, I get clients by being highly skilled in this. I am not a “coach” (read made up, untrained, make believe “expert”), I’m a Fordham trained clinician who brings 26 years specialty experience, real knowledge, and specific training to create lasting change.

I have conducted psychosexual evaluations for clients to show their employer or court their risk can be managed with treatment, rather than managed by termination, or if a criminal matter, incarceration.

I have experience with program development, clinical assistance to other agencies, complex case consultation, and clinical supervision of other sexual misbehavior experts. I developed and oversaw a psychiatric outpatient sex addiction, deviance and sex offender program for Government. We used “Good Lives Model”, and a culturally informed perspective that took into account the disorder and the culture that enabled it.

Beware a clinician saying they will treat these behaviors with “couples work”; this is an individual behavior, not a couples behavior.

Beware any “coach” operating in a clinical field such as this. You need someone with actual clinical training, abilities, licensing, and skills, not someone who pretends.


I am a licensed psychotherapist in NY, NJ, CA, CT, FL, UT, and OH, and am certified by Ohio University and University of Louisville.

Please give me a call at 718-208-6135 and we can discuss if I am the right expert for you.

James Foley LCSW

New York’s Premier Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

​I offer insights, knowledge and results that very few other clinicians, even in NYC, can provide. I help persons not only refrain from acting out, but I help them remake their life if they already did suffer the consequences of that acting out.

​I also work on the extensive vocational, familial, emotional and social consequences of these behaviors create. I help the client work on fixing and or managing the underlying internal issues that helped them move towards these behaviors. My clients enjoy the resulting reduction of deviant sexual behavior, intrusive thoughts, and a rebuilt life, sometimes better than the pre-offense/addiction life.

​I offer a discreet and supportive environment to accommodate every patients’ unique needs and circumstances.

​I use tried and proven principles and methodologies taken from University studies, medical studies, and research in the field of sexual abuse and behavior that have withstood time, peer review, and competing models.

I am an licensed and experienced expert psychotherapist, who provides specialized sex offender and or sex “addict” therapy, exactly how it should be done.

​Sex Addiction is not about being “triggered” in an overly sexualized world. Sex addiction it is about projecting your over-sexualized thinking onto the world around you.

Experience You Can Trust

Why work with me:

  • I have over forty thousand hours of providing direct face to face therapy to persons who acted these sexual misbehaviors out. I know the specific rationalizations and distortions which create this behavior. I know the specific mental/emotional “path” people take to these actions. I know the specific thinking that needs correction. No need to spend your time and money to educate the therapist on your sexual misbehavior, I have likely seen that specific behavior countless times. We get to work, not get to teaching me.
  • There is no need for shame here, but clients often experience less shame when speaking to a person like myself who “has seen it all” and is especially skilled at being non-judgmental, so that we can get to the task at hand.
  • My niche is high functioning, otherwise rational and well men, who act out sexual choices that create consequences for them, consequences which far outweigh the reward of the behavior. I do my work in a style and pace that fits high functioning men, and their expectations of how things get accomplished.
  • I have been skillfully treating people with sexual misbehaviors and “sex addiction” for the past
  • 25+ years, putting me in the absolute forefront of specialists in this field, I have helped countless persons learn how to not act out these self destructive/ destructive choices. When a new sexual misbehavior enters the culture, typically via technology, it quickly shows up in my caseload, so I’m always updated on the new issues.
  • I have worked with employers to see to it that an employee learns how to reliably not act out, document this progress, and thus allow that employer to retain the skilled talent they need.
  • I have trained other licensed mental health professionals, caseworkers, medical professionals, attorneys, and others related professionals, to the proper and effective work with persons who act out “sex addiction”, and sexual misbehavior.
  • I have, alongside client attorneys, worked with licensing boards in re-licensing a professional who acted out, by my helping create and describe the progress the client has made and why he or she should again be allowed back to fully licensed practice.

My Approach to Addictions

I have been treating sex addicts for more than 26 years.  This is what I have learned about sexual addiction and about how to successfully treat it:

  • Sexual addiction is a disorder.  It is not a moral failing, a lack of will-power, a perversion, or being “too horny”.
  • I value each client, no matter the behavior that brings them to me, and I use all my skills in an effort to help them not act out again and to improve their lives. I help them change the distorted thoughts and feelings that created the issue, and use, among other things the “Good Lives Model” and addressing “Cognitive Distortions”.
  • I work to help the client set and reach goals that align with the client’s abilities and needs. I work to correct the thinking that feeds deviant sexual interests. Is There a Cure? Recovery is a process of learning oneself, not an event, not a cure. Persons in recovery say they are recovering rather than recovered.