About Me

About ME

I am an absolute expert and use my decades of experience in this issue to have my clients improve faster and more reliably.

My advanced experience in this field brings superior skills, that I use to have clients create lasting change, faster improvements towards self management, improved mood, and a reduced recidivism.

I have been studying this issue and treating these behaviors from back when some persons would still seek illegal deviant material via US Mail.

I conduct psychosexual evaluations for clients to show court their risk can be managed in the community, rather than managed by incarceration.

I have done program development, clinical assistance to other agencies, complex case consultation, and clinical supervision of other sexual behavior experts.

I developed and oversaw a psychiatric outpatient sex addiction, deviance and sex offender program for County Of Rockland. We used “Good Lives Model”, and a culturally informed perspective took into account the disorder, and culture that enabled it.

A clinician saying they will treat these behaviors with “Couples” work, is grossly uninformed, and will quickly make matters much worse. This is an individual behavior, not a couples behavior.

I am licensed NY, NJ and CT psychotherapist, certified by Ohio University, and University of Louisville, in these very issues.

Please call me at 718-208-6135 if you would like begin treatment.

James Foley
MY Certifications and qualifications
  • Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist Ohio University
  • Certified Juvenile Sexual Offender Counselor University of Louisville
  • Full Clinical Member (National) Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Full Clinical Member NY Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Full Clinical Member NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
  • Master’s Degree, Clinical Social Work, Fordham University
  • Licensed Psychotherapist NY Lic # R059367-1
  • Licensed Psychotherapist CT Lic # 10800
  • Licensed Psychotherapist NJ Lic # 44SC05908100

My Experience

I have specialized training in these exact behaviors, and over thirty thousand hours of providing direct face to face therapy to persons who acted these behaviors out.

I have been skillfully treating people with sexual offending, and “addiction”, and their loved ones for the past 23+ years, putting me in the absolute forefront of specialists in this field.

I have completed hundreds of risk assessments on persons who broke sexual boundaries, sexual offenders, “sex addicts” and others with similar behaviors. I have trained other licenced mental health professionals, caseworkers, law enforcement personnel, Assistant District Attorneys and others related to the investigation and treatment of child and adult inappropriate behavior, “sex addiction”, and sexual abuse.

I have provided direct treatment services to clients entirely self referred to me, as they wanted expert help, clients referred by other general mental health professionals who realized the client needed a specialist in these issues and that a generalist would not do, clients sent to me by County Departments Child Protective Services, County Probation, Federal Probation, State Parole, and Family Court.

I have successfully completed reunification of adult, and adolescent, incest sex offenders with their families, helped couples rebuild their relationships damaged by these behaviors and rebuilt extended family systems harmed by these behaviors.

I have, working with the clients attorney, worked with licensing boards in licensing a professional who acted out, by my helping create and describe the progress the client has made and why he or she should again be allowed back to fully licensed practice.

I have worked with employers to see to it that an employee learns how to reliably not act out, document this progress, and thus allow that employer to retain the skilled talent they need.

I am not the average clinician you will see online, who without any irony, will list twenty disorders they are an “expert” at.

Obviously no clinician can ever master treatment of twenty disorders, and for these clinicians to assert this mastery of twenty disorders is putting their desire for a full caseload ahead of a client’s need for skilled help, and ahead of societies need for safety from these behaviors.

I offer insights, knowledge and results that very few other clinicians, even in NYC, can provide. I help persons not only refrain from acting out, but I help them remake their life if they already did suffer the consequences of that acting out.

I also work on the extensive vocational, familial, emotional and social consequences of these behaviors create. I help the client work on fixing and or managing the underlying internal issues that helped them move towards these behaviors. My clients enjoy the resulting reduction of deviant sexual behavior, intrusive thoughts, and a rebuilt life, sometimes better than the pre offense/addiction life.

I offer a discreet and supportive environment to accommodate every patients’ unique needs and circumstances.

I use tried and proven principles and methodologies taken from University studies, Medical studies, and research in the field of sexual abuse and behavior, that have withstood time, peer review, competing models, and the additional scrutiny for me of my presenting all this under oath and hostile cross examination.

I do not do “Marriage Therapy” or “Couples Work”, as these are just other inappropriate types of treatment to deal with a behavior not in any way created by a marriage or a couple.

I am an licensed and experienced expert psychotherapist, who provides specialized sex offender and or sex “addict” therapy, exactly how it should be done.

Sex Addiction is not about being “triggered” in an overly sexualized world, sex addiction it is about projecting your over sexualized thinking onto the world.

A clinician saying they will treat these behaviors with “Couples” work, is uninformed and will quickly make matters worse. This is an individual behavior, not a couples behavior.

I am licensed New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Psychotherapist, certified Ohio University and University of Louisville, in these issues.

My Approach

I have been treating sex addicts for more than 23 years.  This is what I have learned about sexual addiction and about how to successfully treat it:

Sexual addiction is a disorder.  It is not a moral failing, a lack of will-power, a perversion, or being “too horny”.

I value each client, no matter the behavior that brings them to me, and I use all my skills in an effort to help them not act out again and to improve their lives. I help them change the distorted thoughts and feelings that created the issue, and use, among other things the “Good Lives Model” and addressing “Cognitive Distortions”.

I work to help the client set and reach goals that align with the client’s abilities and needs. I work to correct the thinking that feeds deviant sexual interests. Is There a Cure? Recovery is a process of learning oneself, not an event, not a cure. Persons in recovery say they are recovering rather than recovered.